Who We Are

Landisville Camp Meeting Association
* Painting of Tabernacle courtesy of LCMA Member, Peggy Marz (c)2019

The Landisville Camp Meeting Association is a fellowship of Bible-believing Christians seeking to help win the unsaved to a life changing experience with Christ, sharing the transforming truths of God's saving and healing power, by word and deed, striving to learn and grow in Jesus Christ.


We accomplish this mission by: 


1. Preserving our long-standing Camp Meeting HERITAGE, tradition and history. This includes continuing the emphasis on our Annual Camp Meeting Week tradition; researching and preserving historical camp meeting documents; communicating and sharing about significant Camp Meeting historical events and movements; and restoring and maintaining 53 Cottages and 26 acres to reflect the glory of God. 


2. Maintaining the precedence of Gospel-centered MINISTRY and advancing the Kingdom of God. This includes faithful stewardship of our grounds and facilities; partnering with churches and ministries to use these grounds and facilities to advance the Gospel and reach out to people who need Christ; and encouraging prayer, worship, fellowship, and teaching of the Word of God. 


 3. Pursuing relationships and activities that build COMMUNITY, strengthen the Body of Christ, and recharge us for personal ministry outside of LCMA. This includes building relationships with one another as a community; challenging and strengthening one another in our faith to be effective ministers of the Gospel to our families, neighbors, friends, and coworkers; being more intentional in interacting with local people, churches, businesses, and civic organizations so they have a better understanding of who we are, what we do, and why we exist; and enjoying peaceful retreat, respite and recovery from the stresses of work and ministry. 


 "Landisville Camp Meeting Association: A Heritage of Christ-centered Ministry Empowered by the Holy Spirit in Community."

Our history...

Landisville Camp Meeting has been doing God's work since the first Camp Meeting was held here in 1870. In June of 1873, this beautiful setting was officially named the Landisville Camp Meeting Association (see the History Tab for more information about our past).

The campground is located in beautiful Lancaster County and consists of about 27 acres, a quarter of which is wooded, another quarter is open field and balanced with a living area of 53 cottages, our Tabernacle (seating for 800), Youth Tabernacle, Tearoom, Snackette, playground, picnic area, paved roadways and our caretaker's Gatehouse.

Our campground opens on April 1st of each year and closes on October 31st.  Although the campground is closed during the winter months, we all look forward to the opening of a new season as many begin returning to their cottages from their winter residence. Some live nearby, while others have southern destinations during the winter, and some are on the road doing God's work with missionary organizations.

From late May to late September we have many activities, programs and events almost every weekend. All are to advance the kingdom of God through prayer, teaching, music and witnessing the wonderful blessings God offers to each of us through his Son, Jesus Christ. Every year we hold a Camp Meeting week in July which runs from Sunday to Sunday. Every day of this week has activities for prayer, learning God's word and praising God with song and worship services.

All are welcome to visit and join us in this wonderfully peaceful and spiritual place during one of our activities or just to walk around our beautiful grounds, meet our cottage owners and feel the same joy God has showered down upon us, for all these years.

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