Landisville Camp Meeting Association
201 Church Street 
Landisville, PA 17538

*NOTE: Mailing address is for Association use only...not for cottage owners' personal use.


President - Carrie Swarr

Vice President - Brenda Starnowsky

Secretary - John Mendolia

Treasurer - Jana Stoltzfus

Facility Rental - Jana Stoltzfus, 717-380-4786
The Association's buildings (Tea Room, Tabernacle and the Youth Tabernacle) are available for rent by the Association. 
The cottages are not available for rent by the cottage owners or the Association.

Cottage Sales & Association Membership - Sandra Burgess, 757-504-5831
Cottages for sale can be viewed here. If you would like additional information about a cottage or about becoming a member of Landisville Camp Meeting association, please contact us!

Website - For additions, changes or corrections contact Jana Stoltzfus @